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Silver Eurovan

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"I own a mechanic shop in Sparks NV and we had a very difficult part to find for a customers 99 VW Golf GTI. I called these guys up and they knew EXACTLY what I was needing, asked all the right questions, were very prompt in their responses, and they even send me pictures of the part before they shipped it to verify it was correct. I even got a picture of the part boxed up with the shipping label! This was my, by FAR, absolute BEST experience with a wrecking yard. I cannot say better things about these guys. Thank you so much for saving my customers car! I will continue using them for any of my off the wall foreign car parts that the local wrecking yards just cannot find! Thanks again guys you ROCK!" —Dustin B., Sparks, NV Jan 10, 2018 via Yelp

"We were having an issue with a vehicle broken down across the the country with transmission issues and Morgan at Fast Auto was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Considering this unit is considered rare (and parts unavailable from the dealership), I was thrilled when they came through in the clutch for me. From the first phonecall, to updating me along the way on the status of the transmission removal and shipping, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Excellent communication! This is my second encounter with their shop and I still have nothing but praise. I will definitely be using them again in the future for my VW needs!" —Ranay G., Dec 2017 via Google

"They are a great place to go when you need parts for your car. It's easy to get to. They are polite, they are very willing to give you assistance in getting your part. Their prices are reasonable." —Shawna H., Oct 2017 via Google

"Excellent Auto Salvage Prices!! Love This Place" —George C., May 2017 via Google

"Excellent place if your looking for good quality used parts. Good customer service and very helpful! Prices beat most salvage and junk yards!" —Jesus R., Whittier, CA 7/8/2016 via Yelp

"Really great guys. Easy to talk to. Straight to the point. Prices are cheap and helpful to boot. Buy from them all the time." —Alex M., Rancho Cucamonga, CA 3/28/2016 via Yelp

"The yard was organized well with a wide diversity of parts from many models of VW's. They also had a couple well built vehicles to purchase, not to mention Zach's clean VW sleeper model that wasn't for sale. Zach was very informative and helpful. Inspired us to get The Vanagon Rolling. will be back" —Jacob L, Las Vegas, NV 10/28/2015 via Yelp

"Zach and Morgan are great! we have been doing business with these guys forever. they are extremely helpful and always have what you need. I highly recommend them" —Josh S., Corona, CA 2/3/2015 via Yelp

"when we needed parts for our 2001 VW Passat 4-Motion recently, we found Fast Auto Salvage online. Martin and his crew were exceptional! Located quality used parts at affordable prices for the work we needed done. The parts arrived carefully packaged at our Mechanic's location (a $50 shipping savings for shipment to a Business). The parts were exactly as described and even the nuts and bolts were included! It's great to have this resource for maintaining our Passat!" —Pamel C., Gilford, NH 11/5/2014 via Yelp

"These guys are pretty awesome.  If you're looking for Volkswagen parts, this is the only place you should be looking. I have a 1993 VW Corrado, which is a pretty difficult car to find parts for.  FAST has a few Corrados in their yard, and they've always been super-cool about helping me find a part.  If it's not on the Corrados, they'll help me figure out if another model has the same part. Great experiences here, and infinitely more reasonable than getting parts from the dealership, or even discounted online stores." —Chris C., Austin, TX 10/7/2013 via Yelp

"If you own a water cooled VW or Audi, there is no better salvage yard in Southern California. I've been able to acquire hard to find parts for my MKII Golf 16v, MKI VW Truck, even found parts unique to my 1990 G60 Corrado. It is very efficient having a VAG specific salvage yard. Unlike the bigger commercial yards, I don't have to sift through hundreds of American or Japanese cars to get to the Audi/VW. And most yards don't keep some of the earlier VW/Audi generation cars for very long. I used to travel through the South Bay yards, then Sun Valley/Panorama City yards in search for Audi/VW parts. I'd waste entire weekends traveling to the various yards and competing with crowds for donor cars. If I did encounter the cars I needed, oftentimes the cars are already plucked clean --I'd rather spend the time wrenching in the garage than searching in the yards for parts. At FAST you will most likely encounter the VW/Audi generation you are looking for. If not already on the lot, they also have containers organized by parts groups - Doors, Air boxes, transmissions, Interiors, wheels, windshields, motors etc. No more scavenger hunting The owners of FAST are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Call ahead ---They will tell you if they have the part you need." —Les N. via Google+

"The guys at FAST have helped keep my VW Vanagons and Eurovans on the road. Surf on over to FAST, these guys are aces." —Greg G., VW Owner, Long Beach, Customer over 15 years

"I can always count on the guys at FAST Auto Salvage to find me the right part-fast, especially when it comes to VW and Audi parts and definitely trust them with their parts to be good!" —Bernard K., VW and Audi Pre-Owned Cars, Riverside, CA., Customer over 5 years

"When I need good recycled parts, the place I go first is FAST." —Dave H., VW Mechanic and Rebuilder, Fullerton, CA., Customer 25+ years

"I just want to thank FAST for 20 years of service. They've always been helpful and I appreciate them being here for so many years. Thanks FAST, you're the best." —Rafael G., VW Mechanic, Rebuilder, Santa Monica, CA., Customer for 20 years

"The guys at FAST have helped me out tremendously with all the parts for the build of my bug. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and they make you feel right at home. FAST is the place to go for water cooled VW parts in So Cal." —Henry C., VW Enthusiast, Los Angeles, Customer for 3 years

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